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How can we visually represent inclusivity and accessibility in finance?

Scope: Brand Identity | Brand communication 

Empowering Accessibility: The Ably Way

At Ably, our vision transcends conventional boundaries, aiming to revolutionize finance by making it accessible to all—including the sensory-impaired community. With a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, we embarked on a journey to design a logo that embodies our mission of creating equal opportunities for the deaf and blind. 

Inspired Connectivity

Drawing inspiration from the unique experiences of the sensory-impaired, our logo design celebrates the tactile language of braille—the lifeline through which individuals navigate and interact with the world. By ingeniously incorporating the letter “B” in braille form, our logo serves as a symbolic pathway to connectivity and financial empowerment. 

Symbolic Representation

The braille dots, transformed into rounded shapes reminiscent of fingertips, symbolize not only the tactile nature of communication but also the human touch that underpins our commitment to inclusivity. This innovative approach ensures that our logo is not just visually striking but also resonates deeply with both the deaf and blind communities. 

Dynamic Signature

The culmination of our design efforts is a dynamic logo signature that transcends mere aesthetics. Simple yet impactful, our logo drives recall, fosters a sense of belonging, and serves as a beacon of empowerment for all users. With its versatility, the “B” icon stands poised to represent Ably across diverse applications and services, ensuring seamless brand recognition and user engagement. 

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