Design Teem


Ever wondered how a logo can transcend design to become a symbol of unity and collaboration? 


Scope: Visual Identity | Logo Design 

When NASIDA entrusted us with their vision, we saw an opportunity to redefine transparency in the investment landscape. Their mission? To simplify complexities and foster collaboration. We were hooked! 

Unveiling Inspiration

Inspiration struck like a bolt of clarity. We envisioned a logo that would transcend mere design—a symbol that would speak volumes about NASIDA’s commitment to transparency and collaboration. 

Symbolic Simplicity

Breaking down the abstract “N,” we discovered the essence of NASIDA’s identity. Each element of the logo represented a crucial stakeholder—the investors, the agency, and the nation. It was a visual metaphor for unity and collaboration. 

A Visual Language of Trust

With clean lines and subtle symbolism, NASIDA’s logo became a beacon of trust in a sea of uncertainty. It wasn’t just a design; it was a promise—a promise of transparency, collaboration, and integrity. 

NASIDA’s logo didn’t just signify an identity; it embodied a philosophy. It was a testament to NASIDA’s unwavering commitment to transparency and collaboration—an invitation for investors to join a journey defined by trust and mutual respect. 

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