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Take Two Media

Two creative powerhouses unite: What’s next?

Scope: Visual Identity | Logo Design 

Fusion of Creativity: The Birth of Take Two Media

When Takeout Media and The What Organisation joined forces to create Take Two Media, it became a union of two creative powerhouses. The marriage of their expertise and vision laid the foundation for something truly extraordinary. 


As we delved into the essence of Take Two Media, we found inspiration in the heart of their craft—the process of bringing stories to life. From the brainstorming sessions to the final cut, there was a sense of joy, dedication, and passion that permeated every project. 

A Match Made in Media Heaven

With this inspiration in mind, we set out to design a logo that captured the essence of Take Two Media. A custom wordmark became the centerpiece, reflecting the company’s commitment to creativity and innovation. But we didn’t stop there. To add a touch of whimsy and playfulness, we incorporated a clapperboard—a nod to the magic of filmmaking. 

Symbol of Love and Dedication

The final logo wasn’t just a design; it was a symbol of love, dedication, and passion. It represented the heart and soul of Take Two Media—their unwavering commitment to bringing stories to life in the most creative and engaging way possible. 

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